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I love baking, which was a gift from my grandmother.  I retained many of her recipes that I use today.  I knew that I had a passion to cook and bake.  Now all I needed was a plan and a place to start.  For many years I had been baking out of my home.  In order to grow and be successful, I needed more space for expanding my business.

I started where most small businesses start, the small Business Administration.  The lady at the administration told me that since I did not have a business plan or any startup money that my business “The Bakery Shop” would not succeed.  I was not discouraged by this, I decided to take my $500.00 and look for a kitchen.

I found a cozy area at the Hadley Center on 205 East 7th.  The owner approached me about opening a small restaurant to help out the businesses which rent space in the building.  This endeavor meant more space, but with that more costs were added in.  In order to offset the cost of the larger space, I knew that I needed to add more to the business than just baking.  That’s when it became “The Bakery Shop Deli & Catering.” The deli part was added for the lunches we started to serve, but with very few businesses in the building, I needed to add a little something more and ventured into the catering business.

Now I had the name and space.  The hours and days for “The Bakery Shop Deli and Catering” were lunches Monday thru Friday.  Special orders were available with items such as pies, pastries, cakes, candy and bierocks.  Thursday we focused on German food.  Several years of being in business and being successful, even when I was told that it would fail within a year. This did not detour me from knowing that I had overcome all odds with success.

5 years in, I had a couple of businessmen approach me for a business opportunity.  So I sold “The Bakery Shop Deli and Catering”to them and I continued to work for the new “Bakery Shop and Catering, LLC” and the Fox Pavilion for the next 5 years.

After working for “Bakery Shop and Catering LLC” for five more years, I was approached again by the owners and was asked if I would like to take over the business. At this time the Fox Pavilion was owned by a third party.  This is when I took the business over again and the new name was changed to “Pam’s Bakery Shop and Catering, LLC.  This brought it full circle back to me and I owned the business again in 2011.  It started out slow.  After a while we picked up and now it’s busy enough to run out of Prime Rib on Saturday.  We added more nights of Prime Rib and extended our hours from just lunch Monday thru Friday 11-2pm to include dinner from Tuesday thru Saturday 5-9pm.

Pam’s Bakery Shop and Catering LLC had three banquet rooms available for rent in addition to the catering.  My husband (Gorden) and family have always been supportive of my business adventure. In the beginning, my daughter and in-laws came in several days a week to volunteer their time to help me be successful in my dreams.

As the year 2014 approached, I took the opportunity once again to expand the business.  With the restaurant open two evenings a week, we had gotten so much positive feedback from customers we moved to being open Tuesday thru Saturday in the evenings.  As we know everything happens for a reason and so in speaking with the owners of the Fanchon Hall, we purchased the property and took ownership on October 1, 2013.  With new ownership came a change in the current name from “Pam’s Bakery Shop & Catering to “Rose Garden Banquet Hall and Catering and Catering, LLC.  The plan is to be open 6 days a week.  All the best cuts of steak and food items will be on the menu.  We became a certified dealer of Angus Beef.

The current location on the Hadley Center will run our catering operation.  At the Hadley Center, there is still the ability to rent three rooms for special occasions or events.  We have the Heritage Room which we book our service groups in (Hays Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, AARP, and After 5) on a weekly basis.

The new banquet hall will be utilized for large weddings, family reunions, class reunions, and theme dances with local bands, birthday parties, Chamber of Commerce meetings and Christmas parties, etc.   The banquet hall will offer wedding packages that will range in price.

The restaurant will have a Rose Garden theme.  It will be open 6 days a week and offer feature prime rib on Friday and Saturday evening’s special.  We will extend our current menu to offer more steaks and a wide range of other entrée’s.

Pam Burgardt

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