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You Got the Ring! Now What?

Congratulations on your engagement!  This is such an exciting time!  Have you shared your big announcement with friends and family yet?  Making the most out of this exciting announcement is key – there are a few things to consider before making this exiting announcement “Facebook Official”!  Here are some helpful tips for you as you begin this wonderful life journey with your fiance.

  1. Tell your favorite people first, those in your “inner circle”.  Telling friends and family is a great way to start announcing your engagement.  Tell them individually, or get them together for the big announcement, however you decide to do it let them know first that you are getting married!
  2. Friends and family that are not in your “inner circle” will be excited to hear the news too!  Reach out to each of them in person, through text message, or even an excited phone call!
  3. Looking for a bit more bang with your announcement?  Throw an engagement party!  Gather your friends and family together and make the exciting announcement in a big group setting.
  4. Most of us share exciting life events via social media and other technology avenues, after all, good news travels quickly through the technology world.  Before sharing this on social media and changing your Facebook status to “Engaged”, make sure you let everyone close to know the exciting information first.  You don’t want your mother or grandmother to find out your engaged via social media!
  5. When you do, finally post on social media that you are engaged attached photos and let your friends share in the excitement as they “Ooh and Aah” over this special moment!  Also, if you are really tech savvy and on your a-game, add your wedding website to your message and share your “How We Met” story, the engagement – all the fabulous details.
  6. Set up a fun or true to tradition engagement photo session for your “We’re Engaged!” mailed announcement.

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